Clutch Cable Damage on 2006 Triumph Sprint

While working on another part of the bike I started looking for a clunking sound that occurred when I turned the bars hard right. The sound was coming from the clutch cable rubbing on a guide that was attached to the right side of the water radiator. The guide is a loop of wire that attaches to the bike using an upper right attachment point of the water radiator. The welded end of the loop was digging a hole in the cable’s jacket. Bummer. I wrapped the jacket in gaffer’s tape (high quality cloth duct tape) and will have the dealer look at it next time I have it in there.

If you have a Sprint (or another Triumph) you might want to look at yours to see if it is doing the same thing.

clutch_cable_damage (1)

clutch_cable_damage (3)

clutch_cable_damage (2)

Note that in the photo above, the guide has been taken off its mounting point and moved to show the hole it has made.

clutch_cable_damage (4)

This photo shows the retaining loop, still not attached to where it should be. Notice the end of the wire – that is what is chewing the hole in the cable jacket. I have put the gaffer’s tape on the jacket to protect it until I can get the dealer to do something permanent.

UPDATE – Never did get to the dealer (they are a long way away and not any particularly good roads).  Clutch still works.  That G-tape is awesome.  Go buy some.