Motorcycle Stuff

Here you will find information about some of the modifications/improvements that I have done to my Caspian Blue (maybe not the fastest color)  2006 Triumph Sprint ST.  Most of it will be applicable to many other motorcycles.

First, I installed heated grips.  I used the Hot Grips kit and a Heat-Troller to control them.  The addition of a relay to control power to them completes the installation.  This is a good introduction to both products even if you are installing them on a totally different bike.  Read about it here.

Next, I installed a customized mount for my Garmin Zumo 550 GPS unit.  I used a little piece of aluminum bar stock and the bolts that hold the handlebar on to create a slick, inconspicuous and very functional mount.  Very little skill is needed to do this nifty mount.  Read about it here.

Last, I found a defect in my bike – the clutch cable gets a hole rubbed in it by a support loop that has a sharp end.  This might save you from a surprise clutch failure.  Read about it here.