SoggyStuff – People actually read this?

It turns out that some people actually do come to this site and read the blog.  Who would have thought?  And, for those of you who do come to read this, I am eternally grateful for your traffic.  The Alexa score* for this page is rather dismal.

There really isn’t anything here of interest to many people except maybe the Weather and once in a while a photo or two but for those unfortunate few who do land on this page by accident, I am sorry that there isn’t much to look at. 

If you are interested in motorcycles, especially the kind you can’t buy any more, you can check out my Sprint.  I have friends who ride other perfectly good motorcycles but this is a place where they can drool over something they don’t have or geek out over the installation of heated grips!

Unfortunately, that is about it.  I’ll try harder to update it more often.


* Fun fact: Alexa was a web traffic tracking service by long before it was a smart speaker by the same company.  It seems like a confusing situation – they couldn’t find a different name for the speaker?  I thought “Polly” would be a good name.  The invoke phrase could be “Wanna cracker?”  How much fun would that be?